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Here, you will find a collection of articles on topics related to landlord/tenant law in California. Use the search function below to search articles by keyword.

I’ve Been Sued for Violation of Section 1942.4 of the California Civil Code Plaintiff-side lawsuits against landlords are on a dramatic rise in popularity. One of the most common causes of action is a violation of Civil Code 1942.4. It restricts the landlord’s... READ MORE
New Santa Monica Tenant Laws 2024 There are new Santa Monica tenant laws coming early 2024. City council voted and approved the new changes January 23, 2024, and they are expected to take effect early... READ MORE
What to Know About “Cash for Keys” Buyouts in Santa Monica and Los Angeles A Cash for Keys agreement is a contract in which landlords offer tenants money in exchange for leaving the unit. Most of the terms of the agreement are negotiated between... READ MORE
New Protections for LA Tenants – January 20th 2023 Los Angeles City Council passed on January 20th, 2023 new protections for LA tenants. The vote was passed on Friday, just 10 days before the end of a three... READ MORE
California Law on Breaking Leases Early Sometimes tenants have to exit a lease early. Breaking a lease early is a simple matter of contract law. Yet most landlords and tenants misunderstand their rights and obligations.... READ MORE
7 Tips for Investors for NNN Single Tenant Properties Real estate investors love NNN single tenant properties for several reasons: A popular strategy is to sell management-intensive properties and exchange into NNN properties. Brokers market NNN deals as... READ MORE