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Commercial Refinance Success Overview: I helped a client refinance $6.7 million across three properties, optimizing their financial structure without a loan broker. Outcome: We secured two larger loans on the best properties, freeing up one property entirely, which improved the client's monthly cash flow by about $11,000. Read More
Zero-Commission Home Sale in West Adams Overview: I managed the entire sale for a client who already had a buyer, aiming to save on commission costs. Outcome: The transaction was completed for $9,500, saving the client approximately $50,500 in commission. Read More
Property Sale in Santa Monica Overview: I represented a family trust to sell a high-value property efficiently without paying realtor fees. Outcome: I arranged a direct sale for $4 million—$500,000 above expectations—saving the family around $200,000 in potential commissions. Read More
Escrow Dispute Resolution Overview: A young couple faced issues during their first property flip after removing all contingencies. Outcome: I uncovered undisclosed issues allowing us to negotiate a 6% price reduction, saving them $122,000. Read More

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As a seasoned attorney with over a decade in real estate law, my hands-on approach ensures you receive personalized, effective solutions. A graduate of UC Hastings, I am deeply committed to my clients' financial success.

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"Avi was instrumental in recovering our earnest money deposit. His strategic approach not only resolved our issue but did so with exceptional professionalism." Zak K.
"Despite being one of Avi's smaller clients, the dedication and care he showed were outstanding. His thoroughness and determination are why I highly recommend him." Daniel G.
"As a landlord in Santa Monica, Avi's advice on updating my lease and enhancing my screening process has significantly strengthened my position." Jennifer S.
"Avi was great in helping us get our earnest money deposit back. His strategic approach eventually convinced the irrational sellers to return our deposit." Nariman D.
"Avi was truly amazing in helping us quickly resolve a challenge with getting 85% of our EMD in the purchase of a house. Avi was skillful in negotiating a positive outcome and very supportive..." Carl R.
"Avi was an absolute game-changer in our eviction case in Santa Monica, CA...he not only secured a judgment for the amount owed but also successfully removed the tenant." Alessandra T.
"My husband and I had an Earnest Money Deposit dispute with a shady new construction build company. Avi was able to get us about 90% of the deposit back and in such a short turnaround time." Jannette R.
"Avi Sinai was great to work with. He answered all my legal questions about a home purchase that I was looking to cancel, and was able to save me thousands of dollars." Jeanne W.
"His legal advice for landlord/tenant matters have been excellent. Mr. Sinai was able to turn a very difficult tenant situation that appeared very bleak into the best outcome possible." Paula B.

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I specialize in transforming real estate legal challenges into opportunities for growth and profit.

Real Estate Transactions
Ensure smooth transactions with my expert guidance on buying, selling, and managing properties. Read More
Eviction Law
I provide specialized assistance to manage eviction proceedings efficiently, protecting your rights and investments. Read More
Real Estate Escrow Disputes
I tackle escrow disputes head-on, ensuring your earnest money and contractual issues are resolved in your favor. Read More

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