Aggressive Landlord Tenant Representation

Landlord-tenant are among the most common legal disputes for residents in Los Angeles and California. Landlords can stand to lose thousands of dollars in unpaid rent, and tenants can face eviction. For both parties, landlord-tenant disputes can be an extremely disruptive and time consuming.

“We believe most landlord-tenant disputes can be solved quickly, efficiently, and without litigation”

Sinai Law

In landlord tenant disputes, 90% of the battle is knowing your rights and obligations. At Sinai Law, we represent both landlords and tenants, providing legal counsel in cases involving any real estate dispute:

Make Empowered Decisions

A client empowered by legal knowledge can reduce potential liability AND maximize their returns. Our #1 goal is to solve your problems as soon as possible. When facing a landlord-tenant dispute and a possible lawsuit – most of our clients face a fear of the unknown. Nobody wants to spend their time in a courtroom or their money on an attorney.

Take for example a client who came to us for help with a large security deposit dispute. She paid the landlord over $25,000 in security deposit for a luxury home, and wanted some legal advice on how to recover the entire deposit after the property owner told her she will not get any of it back due to a past lease violation.

We were able to provide actionable advice to our client, reviewed her lease agreement, and provided a notice to the landlord cited with California Law regarding security deposits. Our client got her entire security deposit back one month later with no issue, all for 3 billable hours total and no lawsuits filed.

Residential Lease Disputes

When signing a new residential lease – both landlords and tenants should look beyond the obvious provisions – rent, lease terms, and security deposit. For both parties it is an important legal document that outlays the rights and responsibilities of all parties.

Landlord tenant disputes are very common in Los Angeles due to a large renter population, high rents, very tenant-friendly laws, and low housing supply. All those factors create incentives for disputes, for both parties. Things can get extra complicated when it is a rent controlled unit with a long term tenant inside.

Our goal is to solve lease disputes quickly and without resorting to litigation. Even for minor disputes – costly litigation can run you thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. Our unique legal strategy focuses on your end goal without spending thousands in legal fees and long litigation.

Security Deposits Disputes in Residential and Commercial Leases

Disagreements about how the security deposit is paid is the most common issue when a lease ends – in both commercial and residential leases. The law about security deposit is fairly clear, and yet many of our clients come to us unsatisfied with the way the security deposit was handled. Most of the problems can be traced to a few key issues:

  • Landlord charges an amount not allowed by law
  • Security deposit not refunded in time
  • Parties using the security deposit for something it cannot be used for

90% of security deposit disputes can be solved by drafting and negotiating a smart lease that works for both sides. This is especially true for commercial leases where the security deposit can be any amount negotiated by the parties (for example – a six month security deposit). Because security deposits are often smaller amounts by default – parties often feel that hiring a real estate lawyer to represent them on this matter will be too expensive.

At Sinai Law, we believe that our clients deserve a cost-effective way to recover a security deposit or damages to the unit (when the security deposit is insufficient to cover it). With our unique approach to solving problems, we offer our clients creative solutions to tackle security deposit issues fast and without bloated legal fees.

Commercial Contracts

We assist our clients in drafting, negotiating, and canceling any kind of contract in any business. California law almost always allows parties to negotiate the terms of a business transaction as they see fit – sometimes allowing parties to waive important rights given by statute. In most cases, the contract you sign is the best form of protection against losses and liability, and your best chance to negotiate favorably is before you sign it.

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements for Real Estate – we believe it is crucial to have a party who is not a broker to the transaction review and approve a contract to sell or buy real estate. Brokers, while important to the deal, are not lawyers – and often are motivated to close the deal rather than keep your best interest in mind. We can cover your blind spots in buying a home or a real estate investment. Avoid costly litigation, secure your leverage in the transaction with smart amendments, and close the deal with confidence.
  • Commercial Leases – always consult an attorney when signing a commercial lease, always. Commercial leases are like long term marriages – they often have terms over 10 years, and have a lot less state regulations to limit their scope (compared to residential leases). Therefore, the lease is often the most important agreement that will determine the dynamic between the parties. If you are a real estate investor – the specifics in the lease might dramatically impact the value of your property.

Solve Landlord-Tenant Disputes Quickly

If you need representation, Sinai Law is an LA-based landlord tenant law firm that can assist you in a quick resolution for your case. With a real estate attorney on your side, you can resolve the matter in a way that is final and definite, often with a signed agreement. What makes Sinai Law different – we know our clients are looking to solve the problem quickly without large legal bills. Our goal in legal representation is to reach resolutions effectively and prevent more of them in the future.

We start working on your case right away. In most matters we get to work on your matter the same day you call us, and we often can produce work product in less than 24 hours. We know that if you need a contract drafted or to engage with an aggressive party – time is money.