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Here you will find a collection of stories that highlight the value that we deliver to our clients by showcasing real-world examples of our work.

How We Secured $500,000 Above Market in a Strategic Santa Monica Property Sale When the Sinai Law Firm was entrusted with the sale of a high-value property in Santa Monica by a family trust, the stakes were high. The property, part of... READ MORE
Bypassing Brokers: Saving $50,500 in Commissions on a Direct Home Sale A client in West Adams faced a common dilemma: how to sell their property without losing a significant portion of the profit to agent commissions. They had a buyer... READ MORE
How We Turned a Risky Property Flip Into a $122,000 Savings for First-Time Investors A young couple, new to the real estate flipping game, found themselves in a precarious position during an escrow with a property that had undisclosed issues. With all contingencies... READ MORE
How We Enhanced Cash Flow by $11,000 a Month on a $6.7 Million Deal When a client approached us with the goal of refinancing three properties valued at $6.7 million, they were looking for not just any solution but a strategic one that... READ MORE