California Contractor Disputes

Our firm specializes in all matters of contractor disputes in California.  We helped our clients collect damages from contractors who left the job sites or contractors who caused damages to our clients properties.  Construction contractors hold immense power against homeowners due to their ability to impose a mechanic’s lien on the property (which is constitutionally protected in California).  In addition, many contractors will demand large portions of the payment upfront, for covering initial labor costs and materials.  Matters begin to fall apart when the contractor requests ‘change orders’ (unexpected changes that incur additional costs from the homeowner) and when the owner is not satisfied with the quality or speed of the work performed.  Firing the contractor means additional delay, and finding a replacement contractor is a challenge – since the new contractor will not want to take responsibility for the previous contractor’s work.

Our firm will aggressively pursue every recovery avenue in order to fully compensate you in any contractor disputes.  We understand that in renovation projects or construction – speed is important and resolving contractor disputes is a costly and timely matter.  Our contractor dispute program has the following client benefits:

  • No recovery = no cost to you
  • No retainer for recovery of damages against the contractor
  • Recovery even if you don’t have a written contract with the contractor
  • Recovery even if the project is finished


Contractor Disputes - Protect Yourself!

We strongly believe that the best way to solve contractor disputes is to prevent it all together.  Knowing the risks of of a dispute with a construction contractor and possible recovery can better prepare you for the pitfalls that might occur.

Make it in Writing – a contract with a construction contractor does not have to be in writing, but a well-written contract can protect you and place you in a superior position in a case of a contractor dispute. A well written contract should include a timeline of payment of work performed, outline the times and manner in which the contractor can ask for a change order, layout the specific scope of work, and who is responsible for labor/materials.

Verify the Contractor’s License – you should only work with licensed contractors in California.  A contractor in California has to go through training, post a surety bond, have insurance, and worker’s compensation.  You should always ask for the license number and independently verify it through the California Contractor’s website.  It is much easier to collect damages from licensed contractors in California.

Record Everything – especially communication between yourself and the contractor – emails, texts, amendments to the contract, receipts, etc…


Hire a California Contractor Disputes Attorney

You don’t have to fight alone – we can assist you in secure damages caused as a result of a dispute with a contractor.  We will aggressively use every tool in order to recover the maximum amounts of damages.  In most cases, we can assist our clients without filing an expensive lawsuit, thus saving the client a significant cost.  Hiring an attorney for a contractor disputes is the most important decision you will make in solving the problem – and the one that will have the most impact on how much you will collect.  We know that your focus is the bottom line – how much will litigation cost and how long will it take? Our focus is to resolve contractor disputes quickly, and with no upfront costs to you.  If we are not able to secure a recovery for you – you won’t owe us a thing.

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