Contractor Disputes

Home construction and renovation is already a hard task. This is why contractor disputes is often a legal mess that most parties want to avoid. Yet, these disputes are common and very costly.

Common contractor disputes include:

  • Job abandonment by the contractor
  • Non-payment
  • Licensing issues
  • Defectives construction

Solving a contractor dispute will depend on the facts of the case, and the contract you signed.

How we Assess Contractor Claims for Our Clients

Every contractor dispute is different. Yet, most cases’ viability and likelihood of success depend on several factors:

  • Did the parties sign a contract? If so, what does the contract say about resolving disputes?
  • Is the contractor licensed and insured?
  • What are the damages for the property owner?
  • Is the construction project finished?

If your goal is to recover money from a runaway contractor – we need to know if there’s insurance or a bond.
A contract between the parties is crucial in understanding your chances of success. Are the parties required the arbitrate a claim? Is there an attorney’s fees provision for the prevailing party?

What Legal Recourse Homeowners have Against Contractors?

There are many ways to collect damages against a contractor. Most law firms will tell you the best way forward is to file a lawsuit. While this is true in some cases, plaintiffs have to consider several elements before rushing to court:

  • How large is the contractor’s surety bond?
  • Is the contractor insured?
  • What are the plaintiff’s financial resources compared to the contractor’s?
  • Does the plaintiff have 2 years to wait for a lawsuit to reach full resolution?

A lawsuit is one way to move forward, but it is not always the right choice for every dispute. This is especially true for smaller cases under $50,000 in damages. The cost of litigating a $25,000 dispute is going to be higher than the highest potential damages. Considering the time factor as well – it’s easy to see why litigation is not for everyone.

How can Sinai Law Help you Fight Disputes with Contractors?

Our legal philosophy in fighting contractor disputes is twofold and simple: Aggressive and practical.
Our goal is to make sure you can win the case and collect the award. There is no point going after defendants with no money and no insurance coverage.
We start working on your claim within 24 hours of engagement and retainer. Our team will provide you with a proposed action plan and a clear breakdown of costs.
Here are some of our results in Contractor Disputes:

  • $300,000 recovered in damages against a contractor in new home construction
  • $125,000 – Successfully sued a subcontractor that negligently installed a shower and caused flooding.
  • $13,000 recovered for client within 3 days of representation

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