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When a client approached us with the goal of refinancing three properties valued at $6.7 million, they were looking for not just any solution but a strategic one that would align with their long-term financial goals. At Sinai Law Firm, we took a comprehensive approach, analyzing the properties’ equity and market conditions to devise a plan to maximize their financial freedom.

We proposed a novel strategy: consolidate the debts into two larger loans on the best properties, leaving the third property free and clear. This not only simplified their portfolio but significantly enhanced their cash flow by reducing monthly liabilities. The outcome was a staggering increase in monthly cash flow by approximately $11,000.

This case is a prime example of how legal acumen combined with strategic financial planning can lead to substantial economic benefits. It proves that the right legal partner can transform your asset management strategy and unlock new possibilities.

If you own commercial real estate assets and think you might benefit from our strategic insight in refinancing to enhance your portfolio’s profitability, contact Sinai Law Firm today. Reach us at (310) 487-2580 or complete our online form to discuss how we can help maximize your investments.

Avi Sinai Avi Sinai started to practice law in 2011, focusing on business and real estate transactions. The driving force behind the firm’s success is a relentless pursuit creating value for our clients. Our core belief is that clients deserve a positive return on their legal fees. Avi successfully represented clients in litigation, multiple trials, countless mediations, and administrative hearings.