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When the Sinai Law Firm was entrusted with the sale of a high-value property in Santa Monica by a family trust, the stakes were high. The property, part of an estate, needed a careful approach to handle the diverse interests of nine family members spread across the eastern United States.

Our strategy was to bypass traditional real estate agents and connect directly with developers interested in the property’s potential as a development site rather than just a home. This approach not only saved the family significant amounts in potential agent fees but also maximized the sale price—securing $4 million, half a million above the expected value.

This success story underscores our firm’s capability to handle complex estate transactions with a tailored strategy that ensures all parties’ needs are met while maximizing financial returns.

Navigating a family trust property sale requires delicate handling and strategic foresight. If you’re looking for legal expertise that maximizes estate value while minimizing complications, call us at (310) 487-2580 or complete our online form. Let’s ensure your real estate transactions are as profitable as they can be.

Avi Sinai Avi Sinai started to practice law in 2011, focusing on business and real estate transactions. The driving force behind the firm’s success is a relentless pursuit creating value for our clients. Our core belief is that clients deserve a positive return on their legal fees. Avi successfully represented clients in litigation, multiple trials, countless mediations, and administrative hearings.