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A client in West Adams faced a common dilemma: how to sell their property without losing a significant portion of the profit to agent commissions. They had a buyer but needed a savvy legal strategy to complete the sale efficiently and cost-effectively.

At Sinai Law Firm, we managed the entire transaction for a flat fee of $9,500, saving the client approximately $50,500 in agent commissions. This case highlights our firm’s expertise in direct real estate transactions, providing clients with a clear, uncomplicated, and economical path to property sales.

Are you planning to sell your property and want to retain as much profit as possible? At Sinai Law Firm, we specialize in efficient, direct sales without hefty commissions. Contact us at (310) 487-2580 or complete our online form to get started with a consultation that prioritizes your interests.

Avi Sinai Avi Sinai started to practice law in 2011, focusing on business and real estate transactions. The driving force behind the firm’s success is a relentless pursuit creating value for our clients. Our core belief is that clients deserve a positive return on their legal fees. Avi successfully represented clients in litigation, multiple trials, countless mediations, and administrative hearings.