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A young couple, new to the real estate flipping game, found themselves in a precarious position during an escrow with a property that had undisclosed issues. With all contingencies removed, backing out seemed impossible without significant financial loss.

Our intervention involved a thorough investigation that uncovered several undisclosed problems with the property. Leveraging this information, we negotiated a 6% price reduction, resulting in a $122,000 saving for our clients. This case illustrates our commitment to protecting our clients’ investments and ensuring their real estate ventures turn into success stories.

Encountering undisclosed issues during property transactions can be daunting. If you require expert legal intervention to turn potential losses into gains, reach out to us. At Sinai Law Firm, we protect and enhance your investments with meticulous legal strategy. Call (310) 487-2580 or complete our online form to learn more.

Avi Sinai Avi Sinai started to practice law in 2011, focusing on business and real estate transactions. The driving force behind the firm’s success is a relentless pursuit creating value for our clients. Our core belief is that clients deserve a positive return on their legal fees. Avi successfully represented clients in litigation, multiple trials, countless mediations, and administrative hearings.